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Normal workout clothes are standard in any sport, but here it is important to wear shorts and a sports bra or top to avoid slipping off the pole. It is also advisable to pack longer training clothes to wear during warm-up and training, so that the body does not cool down and stays warm during small breathers. It is very important not to use any creams, lotions or oils (after possible sunbathing) on the training day, otherwise you will slip on the bar and the other participants will not be able to train on the bar.



Pole dance is for everyone. Yes, everyone brings different prerequisites and experiences. Sometimes long arms and legs have (too) much leverage, making things more difficult, sometimes it’s easier to grab the pole with them. Sometimes we lift our own body weight, so it’s harder for some, but you build up more strength in the process, and sometimes bigger thighs just have more grip on the pole. Yes, those who have been doing acrobatics or ballet since childhood can transfer things to it and simply have more practice with it already, but everyone manages their first turns in the first lesson and learns to move on a vertical pole. Especially as a “non-athlete” you’ll notice how quickly you progress. Like anywhere, practice makes perfect and we all learn new things for ourselves that we couldn’t do yesterday and can be damn proud of. Besides, pole has so many facets that there’s something for everyone, whether you prefer it to be more acrobatic, dancey, sensual, relaxed or, or, or.

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